Bluestream Health was founded on the simple premise that every patient deserves seamless access to experts to improve health outcomes. Our team of seasoned healthcare technology executives has hands-on experience bringing game-changing solutions to market and a passion for helping people lead happier, healthier lives.

Matthew Davidge

Matthew is the co-owner of and senior executive for a portfolio of companies that serve more than 2,500 US hospitals and numerous health plans with patient education and communication services, including The Wellness Network, Logicare and HealthStyle Press.

Prior to his involvement in the healthcare education and communication space, Matthew worked at mainstream media companies focused on digital strategy, spent time at Bain & Company and was a Political Advisor to the UK Parliament. He earned a BA with Honours from the University of Oxford in Economics, Politics & Philosophy.

Brian Yarnell

Brian was the founder and senior executive of StarlingHealth, a healthcare technology startup that was recently acquired by Hill-Rom. He has been featured by numerous industry programs including TEDMED, O'Reilly Strata RX, Morgenthaler’s DC to VC, Pilot Health Tech NYC and Health 2.0. He is an active mentor to several healthtech and biotech businesses both directly and via ELabNYC.

Prior to his involvement in healthcare technology, Brian brought industry-leading technology platforms to market in advertising technology, marketing automation, consumer insights, business intelligence and data analytics. He earned a BS in Marketing and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University.

Davis Quintanilla

Davis was an integral part of the software development team that created StarlingHealth. He focuses on architecting and developing highly scalable web applications with intuitive user interfaces across multiple modalities.

Davis is passionate about applying cutting-edge technology to solve day-to-day problems in healthcare delivery. He earned a BA in Computer Science from Hunter College.