The Emerging Importance of On-demand Healthcare


Not that long ago, patients who were hearing impaired or non-English speaking would go to a hospital or a doctor's office and leave frustrated and confused. The lack of timely options for patients to communicate effectively with the doctors and nurses about their diagnoses and treatment options led to the adoption of technologies to deliver on-demand access to remote interpreting, through both audio and video (VRI). In fact, Bluestream is currently used throughout North America to deliver on-demand access to interpreters in over 200 languages and American Sign Language (ASL).

This same approach is now being used to access many areas of clinical expertise such as behavioral health, medication management and even medical referrals.

The evolution of care delivery to include bundled payments, a focus on accountability in post-acute settings and the widespread adoption of wellness programs, is rapidly creating an environment where every care provider across the spectrum needs to be the “smartest person in the room”. Now more than ever, the inability to deliver clinical specialties at the point-of-care has a material impact on patient outcomes and revenue models.

At Bluestream Health, we are building an ecosystem of the world’s best medical specialists that are available at the click of a button--whether care providers are standing at a hospital bed, in a skilled nursing facility or in a patient’s home. Unlike traditional telemedicine platforms, Bluestream leverages healthcare providers’ own staff wherever possible, and can even connect two different experts from two different organizations, instantly. Imagine connecting your own wound care professionals to your home care aides with a third-party ASL interpreter.

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