Bluestream Delivers On-Demand Expertise to
over 150 organizations

A few examples of the solutions we deliver:


interpreting Services

Bluestream technology is the backbone for multiple, large and small language service providers that deliver instant access to American Sign Language (ASL) and Foreign Language Interpreting.

The platform supports Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Audio and Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) and integration with existing telephone-based call centers. All resources on the platform can be shared across all customers and seamlessly embedded in any other type of expertise to deliver true multilingual telehealth across web, mobile and telephone.

On-demand behavioral health

Bluestream instantly connects hospitals and other healthcare organizations with behavioral health providers that are licensed and credentialed to provide care for patients that need on-demand.

Whether psychologists are internal resources, a qualified third-party, or a combination of both, the results are the same- patients getting the care they need, reduced hospital admissions and documentation of quality care provided by world-class physicians.

Behavioral Health.png

Readmission Prevention.png

Readmission Prevention Programs

Bluestream powers on-demand, 24/7 access at the point of care to clinicians that prevent readmissions in skilled nursing, hospice and home care.

Nurses and aides use a streamlined mobile portal to directly access physicians, wound-care experts, pharmacists and other clinical support specialists through secure video. Interventions are extremely fast and cost effective, and language interpreting is available as needed to bridge communication gaps for high-risk patients.

Transplant Referral.png

Medical Referrals

Bluestream puts industry-leading transplant surgeons and their support teams on call 24/7 to help patients connect with knowledgeable resources at the instant they are considering life-changing surgery.

Patients, either on their own or with a primary care physician, connect with surgeons, care navigators and other clinical staff to drive referrals to qualified, knowledge teams that handle transplants and other complex procedures such as joint replacement (CJR) and other orthodepdic issues.